The Scottish Transport Emissions Partnership will:

Provide a forum that will promote transparent dialogue and debate between the key stakeholders and encourage a healthy exchange of information and experience;

Identify and promulgate examples of good practice;

Coordinate technical support for local authorities that have requested assistance in tackling poor air quality;

Identify if there is a need for appropriate research and/or training;

Provide feedback, information, advice and input to local authorities that have designated an AQMA,

Assist local authorities who are creating, reviewing, revising or improving an Air Quality Action Plan;

Promote a collaborative approach (both internal and externally) to the development of workable and practical guidance and advice in relation to LAQM;

Identify, engage with, and make efficient use of other relevant stakeholder groups in delivering agreed actions;

Define and deliver specific short, medium and long term actions to deliver all of the above.

Raise awareness of the contribution that good air quality can make to sustainable economic growth and the quality of life in our towns and cities

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