STEP Summer Seminar 2017

STEP Summer Seminar 2017 – Transport & Air Quality – the Next 15 Years?

Wednesday 7th June 2017 09:30-16:05

Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Commercial Street, Leith, EH6 6QQ

Presentations available on the STEP Slideshare Site

This free event gave updates and insights on some key trends that might impact on transport emissions and the implications these might have for transport users (both people & logistics) in the next 15 years. Topics included likely changes in technology, regulation, behaviours, and our understanding of the health impacts of air pollution. The afternoon included a panel discussion, which considered how can we work together more effectively across professions and organisations to better anticipate the rate and scale of change in transport of people and goods over the next 15 years, and to understand how this might translate into local air quality impacts.

9:30 – 9:40           Opening and welcome by Janice Milne (SEPA)

9:40 – 11:00         Emerging Trends & Implications by 2030?

Chair: Archie Stoddart, Transport Scotland

  • Steve Carroll, CENEX: Low Emission Technology Trends
  • George Hazel: Mobility as a Service
  • Mark Miller, University of Edinburgh: Health Effects of Nanoparticles
  • Kate Armitage, Route Monkey: Smarter Logistics

11:30 – 12:50       Air Quality & Emissions – Carrots or Sticks?

Chair: Will Garrett, City of Edinburgh Council

  • Simon Roberts, Principal Policy Advisor, Transport for London: Developing Effective City Air Quality Policies
  • Jonathan Murray, Policy & Operations Manager, Low Carbon Vehicles Partnership: Transport Emission Trends
  • Professor Jillian Anable, University of Leeds: Influencing Travel Behaviours
  • Jill Muirie, Public Health Programme Manager, Glasgow Centre for Population Health: Incentives for Active Travel

13:30 – 14:30      Panel discussion – Working Together to Improve Air Quality over the Next 15 Years.

Chair: James Curran, Scottish Environment Link

  • Invited panel members include Steve Carroll, Simon Roberts, Jonathan Murray, Professor Jillian Anable, and Denis Naberezhnykh

15:00 – 16:00      Air Quality and Travel – Wider System Impacts & Insights

Chair: Nigel Holmes, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

  • Denis Naberezhnykh, TRL, Options for Zero Emissions Vehicles
  • Professor Tom Rye, Edinburgh Napier University, Managing Air Pollution from Transport in Urban Areas in Other Countries
  • Nick Molden, Emissions Analytics, The Internal Combustion Engine

16:00 – 16:05      Closing remarks by Janice Milne (SEPA)