Useful Links


Air Quality in Scotland – Great range of information including air quality forecasts, data and maps, pollutant information and educational resources.

Breathe Scotland – Cleaner Air initiative led by Environmental Protection Scotland, aiming to raise awareness of air pollution and its impacts on public health.

DEFRA Monitoring Networks – Search for air quality monitoring sites and networks across the UK.

Environmental Protection UK – National charity that provides expert policy analysis and advice on air quality, land quality, waste and noise and their effects on people and communities in terms of a wide range of issues including public health, planning, transport, energy and climate.

King’s College Air Quality Research – The Environmental Research Group (ERG), part of the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, is a leading provider of air quality information and research in the UK.

Low Emission Partnership – Local authorities working together to promote Low Emission Strategies. Resources and tools include the Low Emission Hub, Planning and Procurement guidance, and a Low Emission Toolkit.

UK Air – DEFRA air quality website.


Care 4 Air – Curriculum-level detailed information on air quality to use as part of education.

Clear The Air – Educational resource for secondary school children, including air pollution information, emissions calculator and details of Citizen Science project.

Learn About Air – Educational air quality package developed for primary 5-7 age group. Updated site coming soon to include material for secondary schools.


COMEAP – Committee On the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants; provides independent advice to government departments and agencies on how air pollution impacts on health.

World Health Organisation – General/technical information on air quality, publications and statistics.


AIRE – Transport Scotland’s instantaneous emissions software.


Choose Another Way – Resource centre for organisations in Scotland wanting to promote more sustainable transport choices.

CLARS Network – Guidance, information and support for public authorities on a range of CLARS (Charging, Low Emission Zones, other Access Regulation Schemes) topics. Excellent members area resources.

Copenhagen Cycling – Excellent range of publications on cycling and bicycle infrastructure in Copenahgen.

E-cosse – Partnership organisation to advance adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Scotland.

ECO Stars – Free scheme to help fleet operators improve efficiency, reduce emissions and make cost savings.




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