Modelling Workshop Materials

Scotland’s draft Low Emissions Strategy proposes a new two level approach to air quality modelling for Scotland:

Level 1 involves developing a National Modelling Framework, together with a standard air quality assessment methodology for developments and infrastructure. Level 2 involves developing a Low Emission Framework (LEZ) framework model, together with interactive tools to assess local areas.

A workshop was held by the Scottish Urban Air Quality Steering Group and Sniffer on 9 December 2014; providing an opportunity for stakeholders to:

• Understand the history of the current approach to monitoring and modelling traffic in the Netherlands, including links to air quality models and the Dutch legislative framework.

• Understand and discuss the current approach and application of air quality monitoring and modelling in Scotland.

• Discuss the route map to developing a Scottish approach to a two level national air quality modelling and monitoring framework.

Please see the Modelling Workshop Flyer for more details.

Presentation slides from the day can be viewed via the STEP Slideshare account. Presentations are titled ‘Scottish Urban Air Quality Steering  Group – Modelling & Monitoring Workshop – Speaker Name’.

Presentation videos can be viewed via the following links:

Joost and Aad closing remarks

Joost Wesseling’s presentation

Stephen Thomson’s presentation

Scott Hamilton’s presentation:

Alan Hill’s presentation:

Aad Bezemer’s presentation:

Andrew Taylor’s presentation:

Workshop montage:




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