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Previous Conferences Slides from all presentations from previous STEP Conferences and events can be found on the STEP Slideshare site. One of STEP’s key aims is to gather and communicate information, and our Annual Conference enables us to engage with a wide audience.  The event has grown over the years and has covered a wide range of subjects.

STEP Conference 2018 (5th December 2018)

A copy of the conference flyer can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

STEP Conference 2018 Flyer

The 2018 conference focussed on the implementation of CAFS and the proposed review. There was also be an update on the work to develop the City of Edinburgh Council’s Low Emission Zone. STEP was created to identify examples of good practice and make others aware of these exciting developments. The afternoon sessions focused on best practice in sustainable transport and the support available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Presentation Slides – STEP Slideshare


STEP Conference 2017 (17 November 2017)

STEP Conference 2017 Flyer

Presentation Slides – STEP Slideshare

STEP Summer Seminar (7 June 2016)


STEP Conference 2016 (3 November 2016)

A copy of the agenda and conference flyer can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

STEP Conference Agenda and Flyer

Scotland’s national air quality strategy – Cleaner Air for Scotland (CAFS) – was launched at last year’s STEP conference, and there has been a great deal of activity behind the scenes, to help begin to deliver its aims and objectives. The morning session will provide an update on how this work is progressing, including the development of the CAFS technical frameworks the National Modelling Framework (NMF) and National Low Emission Framework (NLEF). There will be ample time to ask questions, and the CAFS leads will be available throughout the day.

STEP was created to identify examples of good practice and make others aware of these exciting developments, so the afternoon session will focus on key issues, interesting projects and new technologies that could help to deliver a more sustainable transport system for Scotland. Our guest speakers will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that includes the all-electric park-and-ride in York, the hydrogen powered buses in Aberdeen and the use of wind turbines to generate hydrogen to power commercial vehicles.

STEP Conference 2015 (4 November 2015)

The STEP Annual Conference is a yearly event to widen engagement and develop the aims of STEP. Additionally, in 2015 STEP was delighted to host the official launch of the new Scottish Government air quality strategy Cleaner Air for Scotland (CAFS), The Road to a Healthier Future.

The aims of the 2015 Annual Conference were:

  • Launch the new Scottish Government air quality strategy Cleaner Air for Scotland (CAFS), and provide essential background to its development and implementation.
  • Examine how improved air quality can benefit Scotland as a whole.
  • Promote examples of good air quality management practices from around the UK.

The event was free, and was held on 4 November 2015 at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. The conference was attended by approx 160 delegates from the public, private and third sectors. STEP would like to thank all the speakers, chairs, delegates and exhibitors who made the day such a success.

Conference Materials: Agenda, Speaker Profiles, Exhibitor Profiles, CAFS summary. The full version of CAFS can be found here.

Presentation Slides – STEP Slideshare

Videos of the STEP Conference presentations are available via the following links:

STEP on the Bus (28 May 2015)


STEP Conference 2014 (18 November 2014

The event aimed to build on the success of the STEP Conference 2013, and to widen engagement and collaboration between STEP and air quality stakeholders. An excellent range of speakers delivered updates on STEP’s actions over the last year, shared success stories, and spoke on a variety of topics associated with air quality including:

  • Update on development of the draft Low Emissions Strategy for Scotland
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Planning
  • Modelling
  • Communication and Behaviour Change

Have a look at the Step Conference 2014 Flyer for more information, a full copy of the agenda, and details of how to get there.

STEP Conference 2013 (13 November 2013)

STEP hold an annual conference for STEP core and corresponding members.

The purpose of the conference in 2013 was to deliver the following.

  • Summarise the work of STEP during 2013.
  • Discuss in detail a key topic in relation to air quality. This year the topic is Low Emissions Strategies.
  • Present the findings of the annual survey and discuss the work of STEP in 2014.

STEP 1 Conference 2013 – Report of the Event – 13 May 2014

NOx in the City (25 July 2013)


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